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Information on cookies, privacy and personal data protection

[first publication: 23.05.2018; last revision: 11.06.2018]

We have always, on principle, respected your right to privacy, and we want you to know that our website has been designed from the beginning to respect this right and to keep your data safe. In order to be able to benefit from our services and products, and in order for the services that we offer to be what you want, it is also necessary to collect some personal data; we ensure you that all data we keep is the minimum that we need and that we rely on legal grounds.

By using any of the services and products offered by Intouch Media, you agree to read and understand our privacy policy with regards to cookies, as follows. To make sure everything is easy to read, we’ve included a title and a short, simple explanation for each aspect.

Cookies and deleting cookies

In order to give you a pleasant viewing experience, our website uses small files, called cookies, that it places on your computer, tablet or phone. Without them, for example, the website may bother you with dialogue boxes, with the same message, on each of your visits. These are functional cookies, which are only used to ensure the correct functioning of the site. These cookies can’t be rejected.

The website also uses cookies that help us, without revealing your identity, have access to statistics and reports with regards to how our website is used. We need these statistics and reports in order to, along with the company that manages our website, improve the website so that you can benefit from the services you want as much as possible and as easy as possible. However, because these cookies are not required for the website to work properly, you can reject them when first accessing our website by pressing the “Disagree” button.

If you wish, you can delete all your cookie data right now, using their individual delete feature, which you can find in your browser’s list of options. However, you must know that the next time you use the website, the necessary cookies will be placed on your device again (and you will be able to delete them again each time).

What personal data means

Personal data is considered to be the data related to a person that makes it possible to identify the person through the link between that person and the aspect that can identify him or her. Examples of such data are: name, surname, IP, e-mail address, video or photo image that allows the person’s identification, etc. For example, your email address, which you send us by using the contact form in order to send us a message, is part of the personal data category because, if we were detectives and not just some people passionate about food and healthy sweets, we could find out who you are by using it.

What data we collect

The personal data that we collect is solely what we need in order to accomplish our objective (that is, to make sure that our delicacies reach you), that the site is secure and spam-free and that we are legally in order with our accounting documents. Generally, we collect and process the following personal data: first and last name, email address, telephone number that you choose to give us in order to communicate (work or home), IP address if you leave us comments (in order to prevent spam) etc.

Why do we process this data?

We process this data for the legitimate purpose of accomplishing our business’ objective, including:

  • to produce statistics and measurements that help us understand how we can improve the quality of the services / products we offer;
  • to improve the quality of our services and products and, eventually, to develop new ones;
  • to facilitate your access to our services and poducts and, because they are very special and new as technology and concept, to make them known to you;
  • to provide you with information about the services / products we offer and which might be of interest to you, as well as promotions and special offers;
  • to ensure an improved security of our website and to protect you against possible cyber-attacks, fraud and abuse.

How we use your personal information

It is important to know that we will not use your personal data except for the purpose for which you agreed with us. Thus, we will use your e-mail address for commercial communications if you have contacted us in advance for an offer and have agreed to contact us in the future by e-mail or if you have downloaded one of the materials we offer on the site for information. and you provided us with your e-mail address before you receive access to the desired material. We will send you proforms and tax invoices to the email addresses provided, as well as various important notifications that we consider of interest to you.

Your data is safe with us

You also have to know that to some of your personal data to companies that help us have access, for example, for accounting and for maintaining and hosting the site. These companies are trustworthy and that’s why we work with them. Your personal data is stored in databases to which only authorized people have access. The databases that store the data you provide through the contact forms on the website are stored on a secured server, located in a protected data-center (ISO 27001, security access systems, video monitoring, etc.). The access of authorized people to your data is only for the purposes for which this data has been provided by you and for the maintenance of the systems that store and protect your data.

In the event that your data is requested, for whatever reason, formally, by state representatives, the data will be provided to them according with the law, in which case they will be held responsible for your data protection.

Your personal data will never be sold to any third party either individually or as part of any database.

For how long do we keep your data?

Generally, we keep contact information for a period of 36 months after we cease processingFor example, if we no longer communicate with you for 36 months we will delete your data. However, when you write to us again, we will collect data again.

Cookies have a short life of only 30 days, after which the website will ask you again if you agree with them, at your first visit after this time period.

Additional protection

Our website uses the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts the transmitted data (for example, through the contact forms on the website). This means that, in the unlikely event that this data would be intercepted, it could not be read by a third party.

You have control over how your data is used

For example, when you visited our website, you probably accepted the fact that we use cookies. But if you change your mind, you can delete the cookies in your browser’s settings and stop visiting the website.

You can always request access to the data we have about you (contact details, here »), and you will receive them by e-mail in an easy-to-read format. You can also request for your data to be deleted  from the database at any time, or rectified.  However, you should be aware that if you subsequently wish to benefit from the services provided through the site, you will need to provide this data again.

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